Workload Placement Consulting

The Cavan Group is a specialty IT consulting firm focused on workload placement strategy, solutions, and migration management.

Hosting Strategy

Hosting Strategy

  • Workload Assessment
  • Cost analysis & ROI
  • Resource Assessment
  • Migration Roadmap
Partner Selection

Partner Selection

  • Hosting Market Trends
  • Cloud, Managed Services, Colocation
  • Evaluation & Selection
  • Contract negotiation
Workload Migration

Workload Migration

  • Application Discovery
  • Dependency mapping
  • Migration Planning & execution
  • Post-migration Optimization

Why Cavan

The Cavan Group has no affiliations or partnership agreements with any cloud, managed services or colocation vendors. We are completely independent and derive no financial compensation from the industry, whatsoever. This impartiality and objectivity ensures that we always put our clients' best interests first.

Cavan Case Studies

Case Study - Hosting Strategy

The Cavan Group was asked to develop a hosting strategy for a global health care technology company that had recently acquired several business units from a competitor. This combined entity resulted in three public cloud providers, 4 on-premise data centers, 12 collocation facilities and several disparate DR environments.

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