Hosting Strategy

Workload Placement Strategy

Workload Assessment

A complete and thorough workload assessment is the essential first step in developing a hosting strategy.  Whether the intended target is SaaS, public cloud, managed hybrid cloud or colocation, The Cavan Group will assess your workloads to determine the best hosting environments based on the following criteria:

  • Business Impact
    • Business criticality
    • Compliance
    • Data sovereignty
    • Security
  • Application Suitability
    • Cloud ready or legacy application?
    • Is refactoring required?
    • Complexity
  • Technical Considerations
    • Dependencies & integration
    • Virtualized or physical server
    • "Snowflake" - unique requirements
    • Performance & utilization
  • Financial
    • Hosting costs
    • Licensing
    • Support
    • Maintenance
  • Non Functional 
    • Backup
    • HA/DR
    • Isolation


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