Case Study: Partner Selection

Hosting Partner Selection


The Challenge

A national cancer treatment healthcare provider had a DR colocation facility in the southwest US with a lease expiration in 12 months.  The monthly cost of the facility was almost twice the market rate and the customer wanted to explore options for a more cost effective DR solution.  In addition, the customer wanted to implement HA for their critical business applications.

This company needed a DR solution that:

  • Reduces the cost and complexity of the DR environment
  • Provides the performance, reliability and resiliency demanded by the Business
  • Facilitates High availability between the primary and DR data centers for critical applications
  • Offers options for future cloud connect and DRaaS services
  • Delivers the agility and flexibility to accommodate future growth and ongoing M&A activity



  • Kickoff
  • Scope / Schedule
  • Stakeholders
  • Engagement Logistics
  • Resources


  • Strategy / Direction
  • Geographic drivers
  • Services & offerings
  • Cloud & DRaaS
  • Connectivity & Cloud connect
  • Space & Power
  • Duration / Term
  • Amenities

Market Analysis

  • Regional markets
  • Provider profiles
  • Utility costs
  • Availability
  • Connectivity
  • Trends & direction
  • Transportation & logistics

RFP & Analysis

  • RFP document
  • Vendor engagement
  • Bid process
  • Q & A coordination
  • Response analysis
  • Weighted rankings
  • Financial models


  • Short list of providers
  • Site visits & vendor presentations
  • Update financials
  • Recommendation
  • Executive presentation

Outcome & Results

Over a 60 day period, The Cavan Group identified a solution that included:

  • Competitive bid process to 6 colocation providers, 12 facilities considered
  • Selection of leading colocation service provider in newly-built, Tier 3 facility
  • Flexible ramp up and ramp down in power and lease costs based on convergence, cloud initiatives and acquisitions
  • Latency of < 8ms between primary & secondary data center sites
  • Broad suite of offerings and services for cloud connect and DRaaS
  • Five year costs savings of $2.8M over previous solution

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