Case Study: Workload Strategy

Workload Hosting Strategy


The Challenge

$1.8B US based health care technology services company recently acquired several business units from a competitor. This combined entity resulted in three public cloud providers, 4 on-premise data centers, 12 collocation facilities and several disparate DR environments.

This company needed a Hosting strategy that:

  • Aligns with their Cloud First strategy
  • Leverages the investment in the self-hosted facilities, where appropriate
  • Reduces the cost and complexity of the colocation environment
  • Provides the performance, reliability and resiliency demanded by the Business
  • Delivers the agility and flexibility to accommodate future growth and ongoing M&A activity

The Strategy Process


  • Kickoff
  • Scope/Schedule
  • Engagement
  • Logistics
  • Resources

Drivers & Influencers

  • Business
  • Technology


  • Facilities
  • Infrastructure & Network
  • Applications
  • Production & DR

App Analysis

  • App Owner Interviews
  • Categorization
  • Prioritization
  • Constraints
  • Disposition


  • Public Cloud
  • SaaS
  • Self-Hosted
  • Managed
  • DRaaS

Strategy & Budget

  • Target Locations
  • Budget
  • Timelines
  • Roadmap

Outcome & Results

In 90 days, The Cavan Group developed a strategy and 5 year roadmap that included:

  • Consolidation of public cloud workloads into AWS
  • Migrating several core corporate applications to SaaS
  • Reducing self-hosting data center footprint to two, regionally diverse, highly resilient facilities 
  • Consolidating the colocation facilities down to three, with annual cost savings of $3M
  • DR tiering, standardization, planning, testing and exercising program for all critical business applications
  • Use of DRaaS for Tier 2 and lower tiered applications

What our Client had to say—

This has been one of the best vendor engagements we have ever experienced. Cavan came in, conducted a deep discovery of our environments, analyzed our applications and processes and delivered a strategy and roadmap in 90 days. They were self-sufficient and didn't camp outside my door for 3 months like other consultants do.

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