Workload Migration Management

The Cavan Group has over 20 years of experience in managing the migration of critical compute environments. Our migration management framework is built around:

  • Discovery
  • Migration Strategy
  • Migration Planning
  • Execution

We believe that migration events should be seen as “non-events”, causing no impact to the business, corporate reputation or operations. Our Discovery process includes a thorough capture of the workloads, application architecture, and the underlying infrastructure. We identify application dependencies, OS dependencies, latency constraints and other factors that can influence the “how” and “when” of workload migration.

We develop a Migration Strategy that aligns with the customer’s risk tolerance, allocated budget and availability of technical resources.  Strategies can vary from “lift and shift” (rare) all the way through “over the wire” migration to private or public cloud partners.  We outline the pros and cons of each migration option, associated costs, and timelines, helping the customer identify the most appropriate strategy for them.

The Planning process is the most crucial phase of any migration.  Our migration Playbooks/Runbooks are considered the gold standard for the industry and have solidified Cavan’s reputation as the leader in the migration management space.

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