Most data centers are host to a complex web of applications, services, infrastructure and appliances. Very often the knowledge of the environment, application dependencies and underlying architecture is sparse, and sometimes nonexistent. That’s why Cavan Group has launched a new service to help companies capture, analyze and assess their data center environments.

Understanding, validating and documenting the environment is a key first step to meaningful data center modernization and optimization. Using a suite of customized, agentless, automation tools, we can discover, map and validate your entire application portfolio, assess network performance, and identify bottlenecks. The service is an essential precursor to:

  • Cloud migration strategy and budget
  • Data center consolidation and migration
  • Disaster recovery planning

Our report and analysis will show a visual representation of all applications, workloads, and dependencies, as well as network traffic profiles between core infrastructure elements. In addition, if cloud migration is your goal, our cloud simulator can provide real-time pricing for workloads in all the major public cloud IaaS providers.

Successful data center migration requires careful planning and analysis. Cavan’s new service gives you the information you need to make the best decisions for your company’s data center transition.