The State of Cloud Computing in Early 2014

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The State of Cloud Computing in Early 2014

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Cloud computing conceptWith cloud computing, things are changing so rapidly it’s probably good there are frequent surveys about cloud adoption in business.  In early April, Right Scale published their latest annual report, which adds to the growing stack of information indicating that companies of all sizes are continuing to embrace the cloud.

The survey was conducted with over a thousand technical professionals in a range of businesses about their companies’ use of cloud computing.  24% of those surveyed were from companies with more than 1000 employees, and the rest were from smaller organizations.

Right Scale reported a number of interesting results indicating a positive growth of adoption for some aspect of the cloud.  First, it seems that cloud computing is now reaching a moment of ubiquity.  No longer an oddity, around 94% of companies report using some form of cloud-based application or are experimenting with infrastructure-as-a-service.  In addition 87% report that they are using the public cloud in some way.

An almost equally high percentage report using a hybrid cloud approach, mixing both public and private cloud applications.  The perceived benefits from using the cloud also seem to be on the rise, with year over year increases in categories like availability, cost savings and business continuity.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this survey centers on planning and decision-making regarding growth into the cloud.  While many businesses large and small are now using the cloud for some aspect of their IT services, it appears that several key elements of planning are lagging behind this adoption.  Companies appear to be making the decision to go ahead with some cloud deployment without defining key elements of their cloud strategy including risk assessment and business impact.  In fact, only half of the companies surveyed had even defined policies for things like choosing public or private cloud resources, disaster recovery and security.

That said, there have also been dramatic reductions in concerns about the cloud, with numbers dropping for everything from cloud security to compliance concerns.  Companies newest to the cloud had higher numbers in this area, but those numbers seem to drop with experience.

Clearly the adoption of cloud services continues unabated with companies moving quickly to reap the benefits of cloud computing, although sometimes at the expense of essential planning.  At the Cavan Group, helping our clients to carefully plan for and implement cloud-computing strategies is an important part of what we do.  As cloud adoption continues to grow, we will continue to help our clients find the right path with regard to cloud services in support of their core business objectives.

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